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Farewell April

This is the last day of National Poetry Writing Month. I decided to participate, attempting to post Imageone of my poems a day. I missed some days due to a busy schedule, but it has been a lot of fun. So much fun, I was reminded of how much I like writing poetry.

As you probably notice, my view of poetry is very limited. I prefer rhyme and rhythm. I prefer the theme and the pace to move the emotions without sacrificing rhyme. In other words, my poetry is very elementary.

I decided earlier to maintain this site as a secondary blog to my devotional blog (which has been neglected during my poetry phase). I will occasionally write a poem and post it here. I hope you enjoy my work.

Not My Last, Pastor Tim White, 2013

This is not my last rhyming verse.

This month has been a lot of fun.

Enjoy my work, some wordy, some terse,

And let me know your favorite one.

April was the month to write

Poetry that reveals the heart.

So I wrote early and wrote at night

And had a blast right from the start.

Tomorrow I will focus on thought,

Deeper, spiritual, of battles fought,

And losses and victories, none of naught,

And thoughts to me that God has brought.

So to April I say “Farewell”,

And thank the poets who allowed me space

To express my heart, my stories tell,

And how I lost or won a race.

My pen will ever try to rhyme,

For poetry is a part of me.

So come around, when you find the time,

And see if I wrote more poetry.

My Notes Were Gone

My notes were gone, and there I stoodImage

Before the congregation.

My face was red, a spinning head,

I had a situation.

My notes were gone, perhaps at home

Was hours of preparation.

What could I do, what could I say,

Was now my contemplation.

My notes were gone, my thoughts, my points,

My quotes and my citations,

My jokes, my scriptures, my outlined theme,

My clever illustrations.

My notes were gone, my face was red,

My pulse was a fast vibration,

Perhaps I should do double communion

Or take some strong sedation.

My notes were gone. Perhaps I should start

With some heart-felt free narration.

Or say a prayer, long and strong

And cut to the invitation.

My notes were gone, forgotten misplaced,

Oh the sad indignation!

Perhaps I should just trust in God

And wait for His affirmation.

My notes were gone, my memory failed,

My creativeness at complete cessation.

I shall survive. “Would the ushers come forth?

“Please prepare your contribution.”

 Evolution, I’m not that dense.


Evolution, I’m not that dense.

Evolution is a leap that I refuse to take;

To explain the origin, I leap I will not make.

To venture guess that creatures took years to develop,

How they did survive the developing time gives my mind a wallop.

How did the emperor moth, said to survive because a spot on his wings

Survive the first million years when lizard hunted the things?

Sure the dot today confuses the lizard so he misses his mark.

But before the development without the defense; that isn’t so smart.

There is a flying snake, which flattens and jumps off a height,

Something that would give a reasonable snake a fright.

His coil makes a foil that allows sailing in the wind.

How many snakes died in attempt to guess, or pretend,

To fly, but failed and crashed with a bang?

Evolution does not allow for the survival of the leaping thang.

I may be ignorant, but I ain’t stupid, not without practical sense.

To believe in evolutions and evaluate the concept, you have to be a might dense.

But, Why, Lord?

I asked the Lord about my fearsImage

He said, “Do not fear but trust in me.

Whate’er you face, I am near.

I will protect you, you will see.”

I asked the Lord about other feelings.

Should I simple stoically cease to feel?

He said, “No, feelings are a part of you.

Feelings are good and feelings are real.

But feelings are not to be your guide.

Feel completely, but faith is the way.

Your feelings are a natural part of you

But living for me is trusting what I say.”

What about my offenses and pains?

I asked Him, “Must I always forgive?”

He said, “Forgiveness is the only way

I gave you life and called you to live.

I forgave you, and gave you a gift.

That prize is forgiveness to offer all.

I paid the price for your burdens to lift.

Forgiveness is the way you answer the call.”

I asked, “Why is it hard to be your child,

To feel and not react, to hurt and not strike?

Why forgiveness, even when I’m riled?

Why can’t I just respond as I like?”

He smile, and chuckled and shook His head,

And said, “I removed from you sin’s condition.

I gave your soul life, raising it from the dead,

And gave you a purpose, a life mission.

You duty is to represent my message.

To a dead and hurting world you must go.

Your life is to serve as a hopeful presage,

And if you don’t live it, how would they know?”

I thanked the Lord for the desire to be

All that He called me, all that He defines.

I thanked Him for the power to make that me

And to shape my character until it aligns.

If I were in that crowd

If I were someone in the crowdImage

In a village in Galilee,

Would you have looked me in the eyes?

Would you have noticed me?

Jesus, I know that the numbers were large

That you walked away, and passed on by.

Would I have been one you ignored

Despite my aching, selfish cry?

Why the few who you sought to heal?

Why the specific heart?

What was it in the their faith, or not

The others who were not a part?

Would I have climbed a little tree

To be taller for you to find?

Or would I have pushed through the crowd,

Accused of being out of my mind?

Perhaps the grace of now is greater

That so many can find you today,

Instead of you speaking to a few,

And from other you walk away.

Thank you, Lord, for reaching me

So I can be chosen in the throng.

Because if I was in the crowd back then

I may not every belong.

Friends to the end

“Forever a friend,” he said of me,Image

“Bossom buddies until we die.

Unless you err, then enmity

Will be our parting and reason why.”

We felt so close, our bond was strong.

I found an earthly friend for life,

Until my actions were defined as wrong

And the peace between us became strife.

Now my friend is full of hate,

Despite my pleas for him to forgive,

I took all the blame to clear the slate,

All of my faults to painfully relive.

Friends on earth are valuable things.

They help us carry our heavy loads.

But human they are, and friendship stings

When love declines or even corrodes.

Joy is replace by the pain and sorrow,

And love proved to be one way.

The scar will exist well into tomorrow.

Nothing will restore; Nothing to say.

“There is a friend who remains to the end,

And well beyond, a brother indeed.”

His love, despite failures will never expend.

He forgives my flaws, oh, just what I need!

He died in my place, suffered my pain.

He never looks for me to repay.

He confronts my harmful choices again

And again, and will beyond judgment day.

Not only is my friendship secure,

But He serves as a model for my walk.

Now my other friendships can endure

The weaknesses of my friends, the knock

That rocks me when trouble comes our way.

I try to love like Jesus, the ideal.

I understand friends will fail some day.

But through Jesus, my friendships will be real.

Lord, Trust My Judgment

Lord you can trust my judgment.Image

I know this person way to well.

She is not worth your time of day.

She deserves eternity in Hell.

God, that person is just not nice.

He simply will not even fit in.

He has an attitude you won’t like

And has a heart so full of sin.

Father, that one there is just not right.

She is too moody, selfish and cold.

You can trust my judgment here.

Her hateful mouth would just get old.

Here’s another that you should reject.

He’s way too silly for his good.

Nothing serious crosses his mind.

He just never thinks like he should.

What do you mean, Lord, I’m not fit?

I thought we got along just fine.

You mean these others who have such sins

Are easier to tolerate than mine?

Dear God, I must call on your grace.

I could not bear to be rejected.

I thought I was one of the best,

And one who certainly would be selected.

You mean I need to show the grace

That I require, to make it there?

Grace to show these folks I abhor,

Whose shortcomings I can hardly bear?

Forgive me for my attitude.

Forgive intolerance filled with pride.

They need the grace that I desire,

And forgiveness of sins for which you died.


“How dare you tell me what to do!Image

Who are you to command respect?

You are just a Private Two.

I’m a Private, if you reflect!”

The Private two in full retreat,

Went to His Private First Class.

Of the insubordination he would repeat

To send the message up to brass.

The PFC frowned at the report

About the Privates disrespect.

He decided to refrain for a retort

Until his Specialist could reflect.

The Special didn’t like the sound

Of Privates sneering at command.

His Corporal would be told when found

And then authority would take its stand.

The Corporal, red-faces and mad

Stormed of to find the Sergeant’s ear.

This Private’s rebellion was very bad

And should be replaced with respectful fear.

The Sergeant to the Staff Sergeant went

And found the Sargeant Major, too.

Sending up and up to the President

The Reporting rose. Now what to do?

The President called the Private to come

To the Oval Office in urgent haste

Where he reluctantly received some

A full report of the discipline he faced.

“You disobeyed my very orders,”

Said the Commander and Chief.

“Your disrespect certainly borders

On treason, worse than a thief.”

“I did not disobey you,”

The private said in defense.

“It was a Private Two

Not a smart one, one that was dense.”

“His authority comes from me

So it was my orders you disobeyed.

And now you stand defenseless and guilty

And your punishment must be displayed.”

Down the very chain of command

Orders do not get weaker.

They carry the same unaltered demand

From the President down to the speaker.

The same is true in the Family of God

Of the authority the Father put in place.

You will answer for reward or the rod

When you speak to the Father face to face.

Boots of Sorrow


I spread the paper to protect the floorImage


And got my boot to give a shine.


Good black stuff to make them more


Acceptable, pretty, fix them up fine.


The scrapes and scuffs would disappear


As application was being made


Of goop like magic, wipe and smear


That caused my mind to be dismayed.


How can the years be wiped away


With something so simple and cheap


I paused and thought and said, “Hey,


I must stop thinking so deep.


The mirror confirmed my fears


The sorrow was certainly there to stay.


For nothing could remove from me the years


And wipe the scuffs and scrapes away.


Oh I wish I was a boot


Where polish could fix my woes.


But now, no one can dispute


That scuffs and scrapes is how life goes.

If my people

I once quoted, “If my people, called by my name…”if my people

For a nation to turn around.

I now question if I should say the same,

If such reasoning is biblically sound.

No doubt there is a need to repent.

Humility is needed in every generation.

But turning from faithfulness is meant

For another people, another nation.

I wish I could be certain today

That the promise would work for our people,

That the future of our nation’s way

Would rest in those gathered under the steeple.

Our promises now are for individual’s lives.

And not a government or a nation.

It’s now about how our spirit strives

Within our called and assigned station.

So humility, prayer, God-passion and repentance

Is still a must, a call, a priority,

It will help our little world to a distance,

But will not change our greater society.

God has not promised to save our land,

Our nation was not a promise of anyone’s possession.

But our hearts have a need which stands.

A need to learn repentance’s lesson.

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