A shot too late

ImageThere I stood with the ball in my hand,

A basketball: the game on the line.

My team trying a last second stand,

But quickly running out of time.


Two opponents stood between me and the goal

and the clock was making its final flashes,

My mind was showing the wear and tear toll

As I considered my repertoire of dashes.


I feigned to the right and then to the left.

And behold, a gap appeared between my foes.

I stepped through the opening with skillful deft.

And released a shot that was right on the  nose.


The ball sail a perfect arc to the rim

Missed all the metal, hitting nothing but net

A thought came to my mind, though at first dim

The buzzer had sounded on the great contest.


In the back of my mind, the timing fell into place,

The buzzer had sounded, though the defense was lame,

Before I released the ball into space,

So my shot didn’t count at the end of the game.


A team celebrated an exciting bout,

Another team walked away, heads hanging low.

The teams would reverse, I had just figured out,

If I had better timed my heroic go.


I stood for a while with a tear in my eyes

It seems I always have the luck of a three-leaved clover.

My best friend came to me with his encouragement tries,

But could only remind me, recess was over.


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