If not for Christ’s Love


Perhaps you found Christ as a young searching soul.Image


Before a life of sin had taken it’s toll.


Though you traded troubles for a home up above,


You would have been hopeless if not for Christ’s love.


You may have lived long and secure in His arms,


Avoiding the storms, the winds and its harms.


You may have dodged Satan, his blows and his shoves,


But your life would have been empty, if not for Christ’s love.


Or maybe you were beaten by life’s brutal way,


Experiencing sin’s cruel penalty to pay.


Maybe your suffering seem from below and above,


And your only retreat has been to Christ’s love.


Your way may be easy, or your journey be hard.


You may feel exposed or be safe in His guard.


You may have found life so hard to endure.


No matter your lot, of this I am sure.


It’s not that you’re worthy. We cannot pay the cost.


If not for Christ’s love, we all would be lost.


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