It Isn’t Easy: A Tribute to my late friend, Murl Andrews


You once stood as a giant, larger than life,

With a smile and a wit, and a heart of gold.

You were proud of your marriage, and your darling wife.

And lived adventures, still loved to be told.

A family man, a husband strong,

A father, grandfather, brother, a good son,

A role model for which all boys should long.

An example of how our race should be run.

Known for hard work and a zest for living,

A love for God, and his people, too.

A generous man, not afraid of giving,

I easily say; all that knew you loved you.

It wasn’t easy to watch the strength wane,

To see you grow weaker after a fall.

But you still had your wisdom, the insight you gained,

And the glint in your eye that was loved by all.

It wasn’t easy to see your friends go,

Ahead of the rest, to their heavenly bode.

You missed them with tears, but you did know,

Soon you would travel that self-same road.

It isn’t easy to tell you goodbye.

Now that you parted to mansions beyond,

For both sadness and joy, many will cry

For the man of whom so many were fond.

It isn’t easy, now that you’re gone.

Knowing your place will never be filled.

We know you’re far better, and it won’t be for long,

Because of our Savior whose blood was spilled,

Till we join you in heaven, a reunion grand.

And share in the redeemed’s glorious fate.

But without you here, beside us to stand,

It just isn’t easy. It’s harder to wait.

Farewell, my friend…

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