My Way Didn’t Work


A poem about my futile efforts to have life my way instead of following God’s way.

I’m weary of this emptiness, this futility all my life,

I’m tired of my pursuits vanishing, always out of reach

My life has not worked for me, has been filled with bitter strife,

Because I tried it my way and not the way you teach.

Your way made little sense to me, the logic wasn’t there.

Lord, you know you gave me a mind, One I could use.

So why give me instructions that appeared to be unfair

And commands that are not smart certainly don’t seem fair.

So I tried my way, perfect in logic; well-designed I must say.

With all the might within me, assured I wouldn’t fail.

But my way didn’t work so well, though I was proud of the way.

I fell flat on my face, got up, and landed square on my tail.

I suppose you know the way that would work for your creation.

It should be no surprise that my genius came up so weak.

When you called me in to son-ship, a forgiven child relation,

You told me to love you and make it your kingdom I first seek.


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