The Way I Want to Play

(A poem about finishing the race strong.)Image

(Running) Twenty-five miles into a marathon

The end is almost in sight.

To pull up for the final mile,

To give up just isn’t right.

One more click, a little more pain,

The medal a few steps away,

To seek rest and comfort too early;

That’s not the way I should play.

(Baseball) Down two runs with the bases full,

The hero steps up to the plate.

The story takes a horrible twist

If the Hero believes he’s too late.

Not a good effort, hardly a swing

As the ball pops in the catcher’s hand.

To lay down on the team, a cowardly act;

I don’t want to be that man.

(Football) He rounds the end behind two guards,

Open field to run for the first.

Angling towards the sideline seems good,

If the victory isn’t a deep thirst.

Juggling the football to the other hand,

Spying a defender with an attitude,

Pulling up short to run out of bounds;

No, I don’t want to be that dude.

(Living) Life gets tough, especially late.

But Jesus went all the way.

He finished the difficult, securing the win;

Yeah, that’s how I want to play.


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