“How dare you tell me what to do!Image

Who are you to command respect?

You are just a Private Two.

I’m a Private, if you reflect!”

The Private two in full retreat,

Went to His Private First Class.

Of the insubordination he would repeat

To send the message up to brass.

The PFC frowned at the report

About the Privates disrespect.

He decided to refrain for a retort

Until his Specialist could reflect.

The Special didn’t like the sound

Of Privates sneering at command.

His Corporal would be told when found

And then authority would take its stand.

The Corporal, red-faces and mad

Stormed of to find the Sergeant’s ear.

This Private’s rebellion was very bad

And should be replaced with respectful fear.

The Sergeant to the Staff Sergeant went

And found the Sargeant Major, too.

Sending up and up to the President

The Reporting rose. Now what to do?

The President called the Private to come

To the Oval Office in urgent haste

Where he reluctantly received some

A full report of the discipline he faced.

“You disobeyed my very orders,”

Said the Commander and Chief.

“Your disrespect certainly borders

On treason, worse than a thief.”

“I did not disobey you,”

The private said in defense.

“It was a Private Two

Not a smart one, one that was dense.”

“His authority comes from me

So it was my orders you disobeyed.

And now you stand defenseless and guilty

And your punishment must be displayed.”

Down the very chain of command

Orders do not get weaker.

They carry the same unaltered demand

From the President down to the speaker.

The same is true in the Family of God

Of the authority the Father put in place.

You will answer for reward or the rod

When you speak to the Father face to face.


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