Lord, Trust My Judgment

Lord you can trust my judgment.Image

I know this person way to well.

She is not worth your time of day.

She deserves eternity in Hell.

God, that person is just not nice.

He simply will not even fit in.

He has an attitude you won’t like

And has a heart so full of sin.

Father, that one there is just not right.

She is too moody, selfish and cold.

You can trust my judgment here.

Her hateful mouth would just get old.

Here’s another that you should reject.

He’s way too silly for his good.

Nothing serious crosses his mind.

He just never thinks like he should.

What do you mean, Lord, I’m not fit?

I thought we got along just fine.

You mean these others who have such sins

Are easier to tolerate than mine?

Dear God, I must call on your grace.

I could not bear to be rejected.

I thought I was one of the best,

And one who certainly would be selected.

You mean I need to show the grace

That I require, to make it there?

Grace to show these folks I abhor,

Whose shortcomings I can hardly bear?

Forgive me for my attitude.

Forgive intolerance filled with pride.

They need the grace that I desire,

And forgiveness of sins for which you died.


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