Friends to the end

“Forever a friend,” he said of me,Image

“Bossom buddies until we die.

Unless you err, then enmity

Will be our parting and reason why.”

We felt so close, our bond was strong.

I found an earthly friend for life,

Until my actions were defined as wrong

And the peace between us became strife.

Now my friend is full of hate,

Despite my pleas for him to forgive,

I took all the blame to clear the slate,

All of my faults to painfully relive.

Friends on earth are valuable things.

They help us carry our heavy loads.

But human they are, and friendship stings

When love declines or even corrodes.

Joy is replace by the pain and sorrow,

And love proved to be one way.

The scar will exist well into tomorrow.

Nothing will restore; Nothing to say.

“There is a friend who remains to the end,

And well beyond, a brother indeed.”

His love, despite failures will never expend.

He forgives my flaws, oh, just what I need!

He died in my place, suffered my pain.

He never looks for me to repay.

He confronts my harmful choices again

And again, and will beyond judgment day.

Not only is my friendship secure,

But He serves as a model for my walk.

Now my other friendships can endure

The weaknesses of my friends, the knock

That rocks me when trouble comes our way.

I try to love like Jesus, the ideal.

I understand friends will fail some day.

But through Jesus, my friendships will be real.


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