But, Why, Lord?

I asked the Lord about my fearsImage

He said, “Do not fear but trust in me.

Whate’er you face, I am near.

I will protect you, you will see.”

I asked the Lord about other feelings.

Should I simple stoically cease to feel?

He said, “No, feelings are a part of you.

Feelings are good and feelings are real.

But feelings are not to be your guide.

Feel completely, but faith is the way.

Your feelings are a natural part of you

But living for me is trusting what I say.”

What about my offenses and pains?

I asked Him, “Must I always forgive?”

He said, “Forgiveness is the only way

I gave you life and called you to live.

I forgave you, and gave you a gift.

That prize is forgiveness to offer all.

I paid the price for your burdens to lift.

Forgiveness is the way you answer the call.”

I asked, “Why is it hard to be your child,

To feel and not react, to hurt and not strike?

Why forgiveness, even when I’m riled?

Why can’t I just respond as I like?”

He smile, and chuckled and shook His head,

And said, “I removed from you sin’s condition.

I gave your soul life, raising it from the dead,

And gave you a purpose, a life mission.

You duty is to represent my message.

To a dead and hurting world you must go.

Your life is to serve as a hopeful presage,

And if you don’t live it, how would they know?”

I thanked the Lord for the desire to be

All that He called me, all that He defines.

I thanked Him for the power to make that me

And to shape my character until it aligns.

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One thought on “But, Why, Lord?

  1. Dortha April 27, 2013 at 10:22 pm Reply

    I do the very best I can and leave the rest in HIS hands!!

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