If I were in that crowd

If I were someone in the crowdImage

In a village in Galilee,

Would you have looked me in the eyes?

Would you have noticed me?

Jesus, I know that the numbers were large

That you walked away, and passed on by.

Would I have been one you ignored

Despite my aching, selfish cry?

Why the few who you sought to heal?

Why the specific heart?

What was it in the their faith, or not

The others who were not a part?

Would I have climbed a little tree

To be taller for you to find?

Or would I have pushed through the crowd,

Accused of being out of my mind?

Perhaps the grace of now is greater

That so many can find you today,

Instead of you speaking to a few,

And from other you walk away.

Thank you, Lord, for reaching me

So I can be chosen in the throng.

Because if I was in the crowd back then

I may not every belong.


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