My Notes Were Gone

My notes were gone, and there I stoodImage

Before the congregation.

My face was red, a spinning head,

I had a situation.

My notes were gone, perhaps at home

Was hours of preparation.

What could I do, what could I say,

Was now my contemplation.

My notes were gone, my thoughts, my points,

My quotes and my citations,

My jokes, my scriptures, my outlined theme,

My clever illustrations.

My notes were gone, my face was red,

My pulse was a fast vibration,

Perhaps I should do double communion

Or take some strong sedation.

My notes were gone. Perhaps I should start

With some heart-felt free narration.

Or say a prayer, long and strong

And cut to the invitation.

My notes were gone, forgotten misplaced,

Oh the sad indignation!

Perhaps I should just trust in God

And wait for His affirmation.

My notes were gone, my memory failed,

My creativeness at complete cessation.

I shall survive. “Would the ushers come forth?

“Please prepare your contribution.”

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One thought on “My Notes Were Gone

  1. marilyncavicchia April 30, 2013 at 3:23 am Reply

    I like this one! The rhyme and the repetition of “my notes were gone” really help express that desperation when you lose something. We’ve all had moments like that, so this is both a nice glimpse into your particular occupation, and also something that we can all relate to.

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