Farewell April

This is the last day of National Poetry Writing Month. I decided to participate, attempting to post Imageone of my poems a day. I missed some days due to a busy schedule, but it has been a lot of fun. So much fun, I was reminded of how much I like writing poetry.

As you probably notice, my view of poetry is very limited. I prefer rhyme and rhythm. I prefer the theme and the pace to move the emotions without sacrificing rhyme. In other words, my poetry is very elementary.

I decided earlier to maintain this site as a secondary blog to my devotional blog (which has been neglected during my poetry phase). I will occasionally write a poem and post it here. I hope you enjoy my work.

Not My Last, Pastor Tim White, 2013

This is not my last rhyming verse.

This month has been a lot of fun.

Enjoy my work, some wordy, some terse,

And let me know your favorite one.

April was the month to write

Poetry that reveals the heart.

So I wrote early and wrote at night

And had a blast right from the start.

Tomorrow I will focus on thought,

Deeper, spiritual, of battles fought,

And losses and victories, none of naught,

And thoughts to me that God has brought.

So to April I say “Farewell”,

And thank the poets who allowed me space

To express my heart, my stories tell,

And how I lost or won a race.

My pen will ever try to rhyme,

For poetry is a part of me.

So come around, when you find the time,

And see if I wrote more poetry.

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