If I Understand

If I understand that faith is not by sight,Image

Faith is the evidence of your way.

If it is the substance, the validation of what’s right,

It demands belief in what you say,

Then I must ask for you to take from me

All proof, all evidence, all sight

That I am on the path that only leads to thee

And nothing but believing is what is right.

For such a request is strange indeed.

I’m not sure that I can stand

With no validation, nothing guaranteed,

But faith in your supplying hand.

Can I fully live with no comfort

To completely trust in you?

Can I remove all my support

And expect faith to get me through?

If I understand, you strength is only found

In the faith I have in your Word.

All other proofs will make me weak.

I trust in you, my Lord.

If I understand, this life is a test

For what I truly believe.

If you remove from me life’s best,

In eternal life I will receive.


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