Baseball Coach on the Pulpit Committee

When the Church picked the committee to find the new pastor,Image

They picked extroverted leaders so they would find one faster.

The banker, a real estate agent, the manager of the zoo,

A feminine activist, a lawyer, and a baseball coach too.

They start out their pastor search, but things were not so well.

Every preacher had a flaw, as far as the members could tell.

One candidate was too heavy. Another was way too tall.

Another had a squeaky voice. Another was a wee bit small.

One came from a family that locally had a bad name.

One preached too wildly, while another was way too tame.

Finally one met the criteria that all could agree.

They book a date to have him, so all could come and see.

He preached his blessed heart out, most all agreed.

This was the exact preacher they had to have indeed.

The banker and the agent, the manager of the zoo,

The feminist and the lawyer believed this one would do.

The baseball coach was not so sure. He said how it was wrong,

“He preached just great and all was well ‘til the invitation song.

He invited all who struggled and found life way too hard

To come up to the front pew and fill out a membership card.

He said they were now members, could drink of the communion cup.

The ball was down the middle, but this preacher popped it up.”

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