Kinsler’s Awkward Slide

The following is about an incident in the Texas Ranger’s Game on May 16 involving an awkward moment for a very good player, Ian Kinsler.

I was rewarded for a good swing of the plate

And was leading off first to try to advance.

When Elvis swatted the ball, I couldn’t wait

To round second and on to third, I had a chance.

The ball squirted to center, the fielder was chasing.

I glance at the ball, and extended my stride.

To the white bag, I was rapidly advancing.

And graceful entered a head-first slide.

I didn’t understand that the fielder had stumbled

I didn’t expect that my sliding would hurt.

I thought the faux pas was the fielder had fumbled,

But soon realized my chest stuck in the dirt.

My slide was so clumsy, my feet in the air,

My body was arching like a string-tightened bow.

Somehow I slid on, I was starting to care

That my body was contorting, incredibly so.

I bounced more than slid as the soles of my shoes

Approached my shoulders, then my upper back.

My mind was thinking of the ESPN Sports News

Showing my moment in their latest blooper pack.

If you ever slid head first and stuck in the dirt,

You know you feel helpless, but then again,

Quite thankful that you are not seriously hurt,

And the wounded pride can be deflected with a grin.

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One thought on “Kinsler’s Awkward Slide

  1. kevvygillikin May 17, 2013 at 1:54 am Reply

    Haha well done!

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