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Kinsler’s Awkward Slide

The following is about an incident in the Texas Ranger’s Game on May 16 involving an awkward moment for a very good player, Ian Kinsler.

I was rewarded for a good swing of the plate

And was leading off first to try to advance.

When Elvis swatted the ball, I couldn’t wait

To round second and on to third, I had a chance.

The ball squirted to center, the fielder was chasing.

I glance at the ball, and extended my stride.

To the white bag, I was rapidly advancing.

And graceful entered a head-first slide.

I didn’t understand that the fielder had stumbled

I didn’t expect that my sliding would hurt.

I thought the faux pas was the fielder had fumbled,

But soon realized my chest stuck in the dirt.

My slide was so clumsy, my feet in the air,

My body was arching like a string-tightened bow.

Somehow I slid on, I was starting to care

That my body was contorting, incredibly so.

I bounced more than slid as the soles of my shoes

Approached my shoulders, then my upper back.

My mind was thinking of the ESPN Sports News

Showing my moment in their latest blooper pack.

If you ever slid head first and stuck in the dirt,

You know you feel helpless, but then again,

Quite thankful that you are not seriously hurt,

And the wounded pride can be deflected with a grin.


ImageMy time at the plate with bat in my hand,

I knocked the dust off my cleats, prepared to make a stand.

I dug deep with my back foot, rested lightly on my front,

And considered if I should swing away, or lay down a perfect bunt.

I glared in at the pitcher, swung the bat in practice style.

I felt a lump in my throat. The pitcher looked so vile.

I felt a sudden tremble. Satan rubbed the ball,

And smile to show his slimy teeth. I was drained of all my gall.

I glanced to the coach’s box. My Savior gave me a nod.

“You can do this trouper, just trust the power of God.”

How could I explain to Jesus that I have lost my nerve.

As if He knew, he shouted, “He only throws a curve.”

The first pitch looked in my wheelhouse. I gave a might swing,

To see the ball drop low and out. I didn’t hit a thing.

The second pitch looked well outside, but bent across the zone.

I was down to one last swing, I felt so all alone.

“He just throws curves,” I heard a shout. “It’s not where it appears.”

“Don’t swing with just your insight, nor swing with all your fears.”

“If the ball bends in”, I reasoned, “it won’t be where it looks.”

“If Satan throws only deception, I’ll swings after it hooks.”

Satan kicked up high in windup, and feigned a powerful throw.

”Another lie”, I told myself. “This pitch is coming in slow.”

The pitch was sailing for my head. I thought to fall away.

Instead I stood and watch the sphere, approaching with delay,

Change its course to towards the zone. I dipped to start my swing.

With power I had never known, I hit the curving thing.

The ball sailed far and deep that day, further than I deserved.

And I learn my lesson for sure. Satan only throws a curve.

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