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If my next hill’s my last (poem)

Is that next hill my last as I travel along?Image

Is the next simple chorus the last of my song?

Is my journey near ended, my travels near past?

Will I cross under the gates of heaven at last?

Do I stride for the long run or dash up the hill?

Do I lean for the finish with all of my will?

Should I push for the crest, regardless what lies

On past the summit, despite my surprise?

If I expend all my power and find more ahead

Where comes my strength to go where I’m led?

The answer remains whether the end is nigh

Or distant. Regardless, to live or to die,

My strength comes from Jesus, on Him I depend

For strength for my destiny as for where I’ve been.

It the next hill is another of many to tread,

Or the next is my last, my final instead.

My strength is the same, my effort to run

Comes from my dear Father, through His dear Son.

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