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Send a Revival


Send a revival, Lord,


To this cold heart of mine.


Remove the scales from my eyes


That I may see your face, divine.


Whatever it takes, Oh Lord,


I’m willing to obey.


Send a revival, God,


And may it begin today.


Bend my knees to help me bow


Before your throne on high,


If it takes my legs to break


Make me bow, I cry.


Lift my hands in praise for you,


With a worshiping attitude,


Even if it begins with hands


Lifted to beg for food.


Bring from my eyes an offering


Of tears of repentance and joy


Even if the tears begin


With a broken heart you employ.


I need a revival, Jesus, Lord,


More than life itself


Because without your nearness, God,


This life is an intolerable death.


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