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My Life Is Not My Own

My life is not my own. Lord, I give it anew to you.Image

My tendency is to protect me, the natural thing to do.

I lay my life on the altar, a living sacrifice.

To hold for my own use is never worth the price.

My life is not my own. I forfeit it again

To place in within your hands, to follow in your plan.

I’m tired of the sorrow and defeat my choices bring.

Take my life and make it again a valuable thing.

My life is not my own. As your Son gave His life for me

I release my life, my loving Father, unto thee.

It’s not much I can give you, not worth much at all.

But Lord, it’s your from now till death makes his call.

What is God’s Love?

ImageDoes God’s heart pitter-patter

When He thinks of me?

Does He blush at my every word?

Or has He chosen to love despite iniquity

With no responding love every heard?

Does His love overcome my hate,

Pull me in when I pull away,

Revealing my self-hating state?

Was His choice based on my worthiness,

The value of my contribution?

Or is it based on His faithfulness

Despite my tendency for revolution?

Is God’s love for me seen in action,

A completed transaction when He paid the price,

Without my invitation, or expectation,

Or request for His sacrifice?

“God demonstrated His love for me,”[1]

That I can see it is very clear.

“While I was yet a sinner,”[2]

From a distance very afar, certainly not near.

“By His death in innocence, in my place,”[3]

Not for my sins alone, “but for the human race.”[4]

Thus love is decided, decided, committed;

Those three, a loving trinity.

But is my love, for Him, for others,

Decided, determined and shown?

Or does it claim its rights,

As selfish as I am prone?

What is God’s love?

How is it seen in me?

Does it make a difference

In loving others as much as I love me?

[1] Romans 5:8.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

[4] 1 John 2:2.

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