Halloween: When You Love a Child

ImageA little monster rang my door bell.

“Can I have some candy please?”

Male or female I could not tell,

Not much higher than my knees.

Reaching into my candy bowl,

I grab some candy for the child.

Four or five pieces, I don’t know.

The little one giggled, free and wild.

I dropped them into a pumpkin pail.

A “thank you” broke the quiet night.

“You’re welcome,” I said, and without fail

Added “Jesus loves you” to the little fright.

“Here is a tract you can have someone read.”

“Oh, thank you again,” came the child’s voice.

“Maybe mom or dad will do the deed,

And read you the story,” I hoped for that choice.

Later that night I completed my treating.

My doorbell rang after much patience was tried.

A young mother with tears I found myself greeting,

A little monster standing by her side.

Holding the tract I had given the child.

She looked to me with hope in her eyes.

I asked, “Will you come on in and visit a while.”

The two stepped right in, to my surprise.

Later that night, I saw the mother pray

For Jesus to love her, cleanse her heart.

God took all her sins and washed them away.

He loved her and gave her a fresh new start.

When all in this life seems ruin and lost.

Everything in the world is dirty, defiled.

A Word from the Father is worth the cost.

And a family can be reached if we love a child.


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